Android Apps

Android apps I have developed and the story behind them

Slick Notes

Slick Notes was designed with ease of use in mind. We opted to remove any unnecessary steps for the user to create an account and quickly log on to start keeping track of their notes. Using the Firebase Authentication Library we were able to implement a one touch Google Sign On that takes care of all the username and password fields for our user. All notes are securely stored on the Firebase Cloud database, each individual note is encrypted before being sent to the database and decrypted by the client's device. Because each note is encrypted first, your notes are secure from prying eyes. The UI is a simple and takes cues from Google's Material Design language guide. Notes are concatenated onto the same line in order to save space, the use of white space helps the user determine what every function does. Adding a dark mode allows our users to use the app while in the dark without having their screen's emit too much light.

Work Ramble

Work Ramble came to me from an idea that a person needs a safe space to rant without any implications to their career. Using Firebase Cloud integration, we were able to build our system on top of their Realtime Database service, posts, messages, and comments are instantly updated on all users devices as soon as it is sent to the server. Messages are displayed with card views and recycler views following Google's Material Design guidelines. The use of a navigation drawer menu keeps different threads easy to access and intuitive for the user to pick up the app and use right away.