Hello I'm Harry, I'm a UX/UI + Mobile Developer focused on Android Mobile Development

Take a glimpse into my world of programming


Since 2013 I have been working on various mobile software games and applications. I taught myself the ins and outs of how to program beginning with my first time printing hello world to the console. From there I've been learning, testing, and growing by completing several pet projects. I'm currently exploring opportunities which will challenge me to grow further as a software developer, if you know of any opportunities or just want to have a chat over coffee I'd love to hear from you, visit my LinkedIn and don't hesitate to reach out.



Android is a leading mobile OS that is taking over the world, the platform powers devices that are used in hundreds of countries around the world. Since I first used the Nexus One by HTC and each subsequent device that manufacturer's release I was completely sold on the ability to customize every aspect of the user experience. By using the Android Studio ecosystem I am able to create powerful applications that can run on thousands of Android devices.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI needs to be both intuitive and beautiful, the elements of good UX and UI are more than just the layouts a webpage or application. The usage of an application should be made to feel like it's second nature. My process begins with mockups and whiteboarding, followed by implementation. For webpages this includes using widely popular frameworks such as Bootstrap, coupled with HTML & CSS and with Android the XML editor & JSON objects, my vision can be put into production.


Java is a powerful programming language, it is the main language used in Android programming. Java is used all around the world. I have been learning and using Java for the past two years to create mobile applications, utilizing Objects, Classes, and Libraries.

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